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My name is Megan. Competitively solving jigsaw puzzles gives me an adrenaline rush. I also enjoy comedy, music, burritos, urbanism, and grammar. My life is great.

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So I just started a new job and apparently there’s a two-hour break between day parts, so I’m home eating lunch. And DEAR GOD THIS JOB IS NOTHING LIKE WHAT WE DISCUSSED IN THE INTERVIEW. I’M NOT EVEN FUCKING TOUCHING FOOD. WHAT IS GOING ON AHHHHH

Omfg "talk about" is a lot cuter than ask me  

I’ve been by your side longer than any of them, Khaleesi. Let me stand for you today as well. You’re my most trusted advisor, my most valued general and my dearest friend. I will not gamble with your life.  

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Well, at least we officially know that Parks and Rec jumped the shark.

Stephen Colbert replacing Letterman!! What? 

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Help. He’s too perfect. Not sure I can handle this much perfect! (Also, I’m dumb. Shhhh.)

Help. He’s too perfect. Not sure I can handle this much perfect! (Also, I’m dumb. Shhhh.)

I had a job interview today. 

The chef wants to bring me on as a full-time supervisor!!

The hours will be reasonable and I’ll even get crazy shit like vacation days! A big part of me is scared; I’ve never had a full-time job before and I’m still doing school full-time (about to start my senior year!).

But I’m also really proud of myself. I have real qualifications that got me a real job! I’ll even be making almost as much money as if we had stayed in Atlanta! Not bad, self. Not bad.

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Still haven’t seen the movie, but this scene freaks me out ‘cuz LOOK AT ALL THE FAMOUS PEOPLE IN THE PARK WHERE I USED TO LIVE!

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Just realized I have that same sweatshirt!!

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